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    SAO - Volume 15 Alicization Invading - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), the side while she smiled like an angel, absorbed in reading her novels. felt like an eternity and continued on its ascent, as though guided by the light from. Sword Art Online - Volume 01 - Aincrad [L1][Baka-Tsuki][SAO Archive].pdf, Dec .. Sword Art Online - Volume 15 - Alicization Invading [L1][Tap][SAO. Sword Art Online Volume 15 Alicization Invading Download PDF.

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    Sao Light Novel Volume 15 Pdf

    Sword Art Online Volume 15 - Alicization Invading (Volume 2).pdf / Chapters List Sword Art Online Volume 14 - Alicization Uniting (Volume 0).pdf · up. View Sword Art Online Volume 15 - Alicization from MATH at Al-Sirat Degree College. Chapter 14 Sword Art Online Light Novel 15Alicization. Does anyone know if Taps translation of volume 15 has been Light Novel FAQ Read this before asking any light novel-related October Sword Art Online : Alicization (season 3) War of the Underworld arc premiere?.

    I knew you would return! Projecting this design thought process onto the map of the Underworld metaphorically represents the Imperial City Obsidia as a driving gear, driving the Human Empire, which is the grinding mortar. Chapter Subtilizer This chapter is translated by Tap. Canceling their walk, Alice and Kirito spent time at the fireside. Originally before the real cold winter arrived, she had wanted to prepare a large amount of firewood as the elderly Garitta had taught her to, but for now there seemed to be no more need. It had taken her an entire day to write just two pieces of parchment worth of a letter. They were letters of farewell and apologies. Since the home in the forest had been discovered by Integrity Knight Eldrie, they could no longer live there. Next time, it would not be Eldrie but Knight Bercouli who came. By the time, Alice would not find appropriate words to tell her mentor in swordsmanship that she was indebted to. So they could only run.

    Alice did feel a little peeved that it seemed to get more reaction out of Kirito than her own cooking, however. Upon finishing the meal and the cleaning up, she sat Kirito on the wheelchair once again and placed the two swords on his lap. The front garden shone golden in the afternoon sunlight as they left the cabin.

    The days were growing shorter lately and it would swiftly turn to dusk should her mind wander. Reaching the southern fork with a quick pace, she pointed her feet towards the west this time round.

    The forest came to a stop shortly after she walked straight, with the wheat fields ready to be harvested stretching out. The densely packed village of Rulid could be seen beyond the heads of grain, swaying excessively under their weight. The spire shooting noticeably high up in the middle of the red bricked roofs, erected in rows, was that of the church where Selka lived. Neither Selka nor Azariya, the sister entrusted with the church, knew the Central Cathedral managing the Axiom Church organization in the Human Worlds four empires was now no more than a fanciful illusion with no master.

    Still, the small church that served also as an orphanage stayed in operation without issue. Even with the cathedral descending into chaos with the death of the highest minister, there was no apparent impact on the lives of the masses.

    The Taboo Index functioned as always, still constraining the masses awareness. Could they truly take up arms and fight to protect the Human World?

    However, that alone could not bring them victory against the forces of darkness. Knight Commander Bercouli must be aware of that grave reality at the very least.

    What would decide the course of battle in the end was neither the priority level of weapons nor the usage authority of arts, but the strength of ones will.

    Kiritos struggles as he upset that hopeless difference in battle potential, defeating numerous integrity knights, Chief Elder Chudelkin, and even Highest Minister Administrator, served as proof for that. Taking on the looks given by the villagers laboring in the wheat fields, entwined with vigilance and anxiety, with her chest puffed out, Alice whispered to her master in swordsmanship in her heart.

    Oji-sama, for the masses living in the Human World, peace might not be something to protect but something granted for all of eternity. Even at this very moment, Knight Commander Bercouli should be toiling away, training the forces of the four empires in Central Capital Centoria and producing their equipment.

    Or perhaps he was already mobilizing troops to the Great East Gate the frontier of the Eastabarieth Empire where the fighting will be fiercest. He must be wanting for even an additional knight around, both as an assistant with practical experience and as military capability after war breaks out.

    That said, I am now Going through the wheat fields while sunken in her contemplation, she exited at the cleared land spreading out towards the south of the village. Stopping the wheelchair right before the dug black soil, she scanned through the vast plot of land. It was said that a massive forest larger than the one in the east, where Alice and Kirito lived in, stood here until a mere two years ago.

    A gigantic pitch-black stump remained right in the middle of the cleared land and to its south, vigorous chopping noises rang out from the axes of tens of villagers. The potbellied man standing in a corner, issuing booming instructions all about without an axe in his hands, was the master of the largest farm in the village, Nygr Barbossa. Though somewhat reluctant, Alice still pushed the wheelchair over the narrow, beaten path.

    Kirito made absolutely no reaction even as he passed along the stump, the vestiges of the enormous tree he once fell; his head remained hung down as he held the two swords. The first to notice the approaching pair were young men from the Barbossa family, resting atop the trunk of a freshly fallen tree.

    The trio, seemingly fifteen or sixteen years old, watched Alice, who had a scarf wrapped over her blonde hair, without reserve before shifting their gaze towards Kirito in his wheelchair. Deep jeering could be heard as they exchanged words in an undertone.

    Upon ignoring them and passing through them, one of the youths shouted out in a drawl. Uncleee, shes hereee. Nygr Barbossa, who was screaming everywhere with his hands on his waist, vigorously spun around at that and showed a smirk on his greasy, round face. His large mouth and narrow eyes reminded her of Chief Elder Chudelkin somewhat. Still, Alice returned the best smile she could muster and gave a slight nod.

    Good afternoon, Barbossa-san. I heard you had work for me, so Oooh, ooh, if it isnt Alice, Im glad youre here. In exchange, Nygr stood a mere fifty cen on her right before spinning his huge frame and pointing at a towering, large tree between the forest and cleared land.

    Look, you can see it, cant you? Weve spent all our time on that frustrating platinum oak since yesterday morning, but this pathetic amount is how much progress was made even with ten adult men swinging their axes at it. The index finger and thumb on his right hand formed a smallish semicircle. The large white and brown tree with a trunk of a mel and a half across had spread its roots deep into the earth, stubbornly rejecting the laborers. Two men swung their large axes in turn even now, but the notch carved in its trunk was shallow indeed, at less than even ten cen.

    Sweat poured down the mens bare upper bodies like waterfalls. Their chests and arm muscles were developed well enough, but their handling were rather stiff, perhaps due to the lack of need to wield an axe in their daily activities.

    One of the men had his right leg slip as she watched and struck a wrong spot at an angle. The axe snapped at the middle of its handle and unrestrained laughter from the mans co-workers immersed him as he fell hard on his buttocks. Good grief, what are those blockheads doing Nygr moaned and looked at Alice once again. At that rate, I have no idea how many more days will it take for that one tree. And while we were stuck here with that, Redacks men have already expanded the land by twenty mel in every direction!

    After uttering the name of the next most influential farming household after the Barbossas, Nygr kicked away a pebble at his feet. His breathing had grown. And thats how it is, I know our agreement was for once a month, but could you treat it as an exception just this once and lend me your strength, Alice? You probably dont remember, but I spared no, treated you to sweets time after time when you were young. You were such a cute little miss back then, you see, no, no, of course, thats not to say thats any different now Alice interrupted Nygrs words while holding back her sigh.

    I understand, Barbossa-san. I will treat this one particular time as an exception. Getting rid of trees and rocks, like the platinum oak before her eye, obstructing the land clearing was Alices current sacred taskno, her temporary source of income. Naturally, it was not work officially assigned to her. There was an incident about a month into her peaceful life on the outskirts of the village where a gigantic fallen rock sealed the road towards the cleared land to the west. The episode of Alice rolling that rock away on her own as she came across it spread through the village as a rumor and before she knew it, they depended on her for assistance on tasks like this.

    It was a fact that money was necessary if she were to continue living with Kirito, so she was thankful for the offers. Still, as Selka was worried that the men would bother her with an endless stream of requests if she took on the physical labor without complaint, she decided to limit her help to once a month for each farming household. Nygr should be bound by every single rule laid in the Taboo Index, the fundamental laws of the Norlangarth Empire, and those of the village, but it came as no surprise to her that he would send two requests within the month despite that being a violation of the agreement.

    Though he had not broken through the seal of the right eyewhat was Code according to the highest ministers wordslike Alice or Eugeo, it was likely he simply felt Alice to be beneath himself. He must felt no need 44 P a g e. Even with those thoughts in her mind, Alice nodded at Nygr once again before parting from the wheelchair. She took note of Kiritos status, but he seemed unconcerned by the clamor in the surroundings.

    After telling him that she would be right back in her heart, she walked towards the large platinum oak. The men who noticed Alice showed smirks or blatantly cluck their tongues. However, there were now few unaware of Alices strength, so they distanced themselves from the tree without a word en masse. Taking their place before the great tree, Alice quickly drew a seal of sacred letters with a finger on her right hand and brought out its Stacia Window.

    Its quantity of Life was quite a figure, as expected of one that ten adult men would have trouble against. Using a borrowed axe as usual would prove ineffective against that priority level. Returning to the wheelchair in a jog for the moment, she bent down and whispered softly. I apologize, Kirito. I would like you to lend me your sword for a little while.

    She gently touched the black leather sheath with her right hand and felt his left arm tense up slightly as it held the sword. However, after patiently looking into his blank eyes, the strength eventually left his arm and a hoarse voice escaped his throat. Aah This was likely a fragment of his memories rather than her feelings actually getting through to him.

    What controlled Kirito now were not his thoughts but the memories resident in his breast. Thank you. After affirming that Kirito remained docile, she returned back to the platinum oak.

    But still, this was a splendid tree. Though it could not compare to the great ancient trees rising around Central Capital Centoria, it must be over a hundred years old. Alice gave an apology in her heart before stabilizing her footing. Her right leg forward and her left leg back. She gently placed her right hand on the grip wound with black leather of the Night Sky Sword unevenly set on her left hand. She measured the distance to the tree with her left eye.

    Hey, hey, you think you can break platinum oak with that thin sword? One of the men shouted and the crowd went into an impromptu frenzy.

    That swords gonna break; the sunll set before that; while the jeers flew in one after another, Nygr Barbossas concerned voice mixed in. Aah, Alice, if possible, I would rather you do something about it within an hour, you know?

    She had fallen over ten trees since she started this job, but required around thirty minutes almost every time. The reason behind that slowness was due to her having to keep her strength in check to avoid breaking the axes she borrowed.

    But she had no need for that worry today. No, I will not require that long. Replying with a near-murmur, Alice gripped the swords handle. A short yell. A cloud of dust whirled up from beneath her right foot, dug firmly onto the ground, like some sort of explosion.

    It had been a while since she swung an actual sword, but fortunately, she had yet to forget her techniques. The horizontal slash from the left in the same motion as drawing it from its sheath ran through the air like black lightning.

    Even as Alice rose up from her final posture, with the sword swung completely to the right in front of her, they continued scowling questioningly. There was no more than the meager notch made by the men on the platinum oaks smooth bark; it had suffered no other damageor so it appeared. A Whaat, she missed? Alice glanced at the person to whom that voice belonged to and spoke as she sheathed the sword. It will be falling that way. The heck are you The mans two eyes opened wide with shock upon getting to that point in his words.

    He saw the platinum oaks trunk slowly begin to tilt. A scream grew from him and those around him as they ran behind. The huge tree fell with a terrific tremor where the men were until three seconds ago. Alice moved to the front of the stump as she warded off the rising thick cloud of dust with her right hand.

    Fine tree rings were clearly visible on the newly-made cross-section and shone as though it was polished, but a single section on the edge was slightly frayed. Perhaps her skills have dulled, or perhaps her unavailable right eye was to blame Alice pondered as she turned herself about.

    Her upper body unconsciously straightened up in the next instant. Nygr Barbossa had a full smile on his face and was rushing towards her with heavy steps, his arms spread out. She instinctively lifted the sword in her left hand and Nygr came to an abrupt stop at the clink made by the guard.

    Still, his smile remained and he put his spread out hands together in front of his body as he shouted. What skill! Jink, the guard chief, couldnt even hope to match that! Its practically divine! He went another mel closer and continued his words with an expression filled equally with admiration and greed. H-H-How about it, Alice, I will double your fee, so lets not make it once a month, help us out once a week no, once a day!!

    Alice lightly shook her head at Nygr who was rubbing his hands together fast. No, the fee I am currently receiving is plenty. If she were to wield the Fragrant Olive Sword and make use of the armament full control art, it would not be on the scale of one large tree a day; it would be possible to change this forest to nothing more than barren land as far the eye could see in mere minutes.

    But if she were to do that, their requests would stretch on to tilting the plains, smashing rocks, and even making it rain. Nuhnhnhnhnh; Nygr moaned in agony before finally snapping out of it, blinking, after a my pay, please from Alice. O-Oh, thats right, thats right. Sticking his hand in his pocket, he pinched out the agreed hundred Shear, a single silver coin, from a leather bag that sounded heavy.

    Dropping that onto Alices palm, Nygr still stubbornly added some words. How about this, Alice? I will pay another silver coin, so how about you decline those under Redack this month if they ask for help It was then, when she held back her sigh and was about to reject his offer once more. A heavy clunk reached her ears. Her face sprung up and saw the wheelchair sprawled on its side with Kirito thrown onto the ground a distance away.

    She could sense desperation from Kirito as he reached out with his left arm with his stomach lying on the ground. Ahead of him were the previously resting young men, two who now supported the long sword sheathed in white leather on the ground as they cried out in excitement.

    Uohh, woah, this is heavy as heck!! Thats why even that girl can bring down that platinum oak in one blow, huh? Shut up and hold onto it properly! The third youth shouted and held the Blue Rose Swords handle with both hands so as to draw it.

    Alice heard her own teeth gnashing as they grinded together. Released next from her throat was a sharp yell. You bastards!! The youths mouths opened wide upon hearing that as they looked at Alice.

    She ran through the remaining twenty mel in an instant and came to a stop with the dust whirling up. The three looking at Alices face backed off haltingly. Somehow restraining the emotions threatening to burst out with a deep breath, Alice first helped up the fallen Kirito.

    While sitting him on the wheelchair once again, she ordered with a stifled voice. That sword belongs to this man.

    Return it now. Defiant expressions instantly showed up on the trios faces. The lips of the one with a large build and about to draw the Blue Rose Sword grew crooked and he pointed at Kirito.

    We did ask that guy if we could borrow the sword, you know? Back on the wheelchair, Kiritos left arm was still reaching out towards the pure white sword while his feeble voice leaked out.

    And then, he generously lent it to us. With those cries of aah, aah, you know? The last went with the flow and laughed with a yep, yep. Alice could not help but to tighten her right hands grip on the wheelchairs handle. That hand was unmistakably seeking to draw the Night Sky Sword hanging off her left hand.

    She would have sliced off those six hands touching the Blue Rose Sword without even a hint of hesitation half a year ago. Integrity knights were above the Taboo Index and its prohibition on hurting others.

    And in the first place, with the seal on her right eye currently broken, there were no longer any laws capable of keeping Alices actions in check. Still Alice grinded her teeth so hard it hurt as she fought against the impulse surging through herself.

    These youths were part of the people of the Human World that Kirito and Eugeo sacrificed their lives to protect. She could not hurt them. Neither of them would wish for that. Alice remained silent without moving a cen for several seconds. But she likely failed to conceal the bloodlust emanating from her left hand. The trio wiped off their smiles and averted their eyes, afraid. Fine, no need for that scary look. The larger one eventually spat out with a sulk and took his hands off the swords grip.

    The remaining pair let go of the sheath with faces that appeared relieved, probably already at their limits in supporting it. The Blue Rose Sword laid down heavily where it was.

    After a glare at the brats right after turning about, she returned to the wheelchair. She wiped the soil that got on the sheath with the cuff of her overcoat, then placed on Kiritos lap both the white and black swords which he firmly hugged before coming to a stop. She gave Nygr Barbossa a glance, seeing him apparently paying that commotion no attention and engrossed in directing the men.

    Alice lightly bowed towards his back as he continued his shouting, and then pushed the wheelchair back north on the narrow path. The anger raging in her breast for the first time in a while had turned to a cold sense of futility. It was not her first time thinking so since she began living in the forest near Rulid. Most of the villagers avoided even talking to Alice and as for Kirito who lost his sense of self, they would not even treat him as a human.

    She had no plans to condemn them. Alice was likely still a criminal who violated the Taboo Index to them, after all. She felt thankful enough for them giving their silent consent for her to stay close to the village, and selling her food and daily necessities. Still, she still pondered in a corner of her mind. What for? Exactly what did she suffer so much and fight against the highest minister, Administrator, for? The other highest minister, Cardinal, the intelligent black spider, Charlotte, and Eugeo lost their lives; Kirito lost his speech and emotions; exactly what was protected after all that?

    That line of thought ended up on a question that she could never utter. Was there truly a need to protect people like those from the Barbossas? That doubt was partly what made Alice abandon her sword and live in this remote land. As Alice was not relieved of her integrity knight dutiesthe only one capable of doing so was the deceased highest ministerperhaps she ought to be rushing towards the Great Gate to join them as soon as she could.

    However, the weight of the Fragrant Olive Sword was now beyond what Alice could handle. The Celestial World she believed to be her origin was actually a deception.

    The Axiom Church she swore her fealty to was smeared in lies. Not to mention she now knew the ugliness and vulgarity of the Human Worlds inhabitants far too vividly. The time she could swing her sword without doubts over her own justice and pray to the gods was of the distant past. Those Alice now truly wished to protect numbered a mere few. Her father; her mother; Selka; the elderly Garitta; and Kirito.

    If nothing would befall them, what issue would there be turning her back to her knight duties and continuing her peaceful life in this land? Leaving the cleared land, Alices feet stopped just as they reached the path beyond the wheat fields, and she whispered to Kirito.

    Could we go shopping in the village seeing as we are here? I will not allow some insolent child to harass you this time.

    There was no reply, but judging the lack of response as consent, Alice pushed the wheelchair on towards the north. The skies were dyed in the shades of sunset by the time they bought a weeks worth of food and essentials with the hundred Shear silver coin earned and returned to the forest cabin.

    Descending slightly with the wheelchair, she awaited the origin of that sound near the meadows middle. What made its appearance before long, skimming the treetops, was a gigantic silver beast with two wings, a long neck, and a taila flying dragon. Alices flying dragon who brought the two of here from the central capital.

    With the name, Amayori. The flying dragon circled through the skies above the meadow twice before gently descending. Tucking in her wings and stretching out her neck, she first touched Kiritos chest with the tip of her nose before rubbing her large head against Alice.

    Upon scratching the faintly bluish fuzz under the dragons neck, a low kururu rang out from her throat. Amayori, you have gotten a little plump. You have been eating too many of the lakes fishes. After being scolded with a vague smile, she breathed out from its nose as though embarrassed, turned her long body about, and walked towards her bed east of the cabin. She curled up atop her bed made from thickly laid dry grass, entwining her tail with her head. Half a year back, Alice undid the leather bridle fixed on Amayoris head and released the binding art on the day she decided to build this cabin in this meadow.

    And she even went to the extent of telling her that she was now free and to return to the flying dragon nest in the west empire, but the flying dragon made no attempt to leave Alice.

    Making a bed with grass she gathered on its own, she plays in the forest and catches fish in the lake during daytime, but comes back in the evening without exception. Despite the lack of the sacred art that restrains the proud, brutal disposition of a dragon and brought her under a knights command, it was a mystery why she did not return whence she came.

    The villagers spotting her flying over the forest at times seemed to be one of the causes for Alices unsavory reputation among them, but she felt no point in being bothered over that now. After telling Amayori good night as she began her low snoring atop the dry grass, Alice pushed the wheelchair into the cabin.

    For dinner, she made a stew from half-moon beans and meatballs. The beans were just a little hard and the balls were not all that consistent, but it seemed to have tasted rather decent. Naturally, it was not like Kirito gave any opinion through his words. He merely chewed and swallowed, as though from memory, whenever the small spoon entered his mouth. She considered how it would be nice if she knew his likes and dislikes at least, but realized she actually held a proper conversation with this youth for less than even a full day after thinking about it.

    It seemed Selka lived with him in the church for a while two years ago, but she only remembered him indiscriminately enjoying everything served. She thought that, too, was just like him. It happened after she moved Kirito, who managed to finish the stew after some time, to the small stoves side along with the chair and was washing the cutlery in the sink, lining them up in the drainer.

    Amayori who usually slept until dawn suddenly cried out with a low rururuu outside the window. Her hands jerked to a stop and she perked up her ears.

    A noise unsuited to the season was mixed in the night wind passing through the forest, like a cold winter wind. A noise like thin, large wings flying against the wind. Leaping out of the kitchen, she confirmed Kirito was staying quiet on the chair before opening the entrance.

    Straining her ears again, she judged the wind noise to 54 P a g e. The black silhouette descending in a spiral against the backdrop of a sky filled with stars unmistakably belonged to a flying dragon. She looked towards the east of the meadow just to be sure, but naturally, Amayori was crouching on her bed as she looked up at the sky. Could that The moment she was about to return for her sword, having thought it could be a darkness knight from the Dark Territory who crossed the mountain range at the edge, she saw the dragons scales gleam silver in the moonlight.

    She lessened the tension in her shoulders slightly. The integrity knights of the Axiom Church were the only ones to ride flying dragons with silver scales even if one were to search the world over. That said, it was still too early to be relieved. Exactly who would fly to a region this remote, and for what reason?

    Could it be that the debate regarding the execution of the traitor, Kirito, continued even throughout this half year and that the cathedral had finally dispatched someone to do the deed?

    Perhaps sensing Alices tension, Amayori crept out from her bed before lifting her head up high and crying out once more. However, her menacing, deep tone soon faded away, replaced by a coy, high-pitched kyuun. Alice, too, knew why straight away. The flying dragon that landed on the southern part of the meadow after circling another three times had fuzz in a shade much like Amayoris growing around its neck. That could only be Amayoris elder brother, a dragon named Takiguri.

    In other words, the one riding on him was Alice called out in a stiff tone towards the knight clad in full silver armor who landed on the ground in an elegant motion. What business do you have here, Eldrie Synthesis Thirty-one? The one and only integrity knight possessing a number younger than Alice, who was thirty, did not speak immediately and instead, first gave a deep bow with his right hand on his chest.

    Straightening his body, he slowly removed his helmet. His lustrous light purple hair fluttered in the night wind and his good looks with a sense of urban flamboyance were revealed. With his high, smooth voice, rare for a man It has been a while, my master, Alice-sama. Your beauty has not faded despite this change in dressing.

    I could not help but to make haste to meet with you, master, with a bottle of alcohol from my cherished collection upon imagining the bewitching splendor your golden locks would have under this evenings glorious moon. The left hand held behind his back darted forward and in it was a bottle of wine.

    Alice held back a sigh as she answered the man who apparently regarded her as his master.

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    I am truly glad your wounds have healed, but I see your personality is as it had always been. I have only just noticed, but your manner of speech is slightly similar to Chief Elder Chudelkins. Turning her back to Eldrie who let out a mild ugh, she proceeded towards the cabin.

    E-Erm, Alice-sama I will hear you out inside if it is important. If it is not, down the wine on your own and return to the central capital. Alice gave a glance at the siblings reunited after half a year, Takiguri and Amayori, who were happily nuzzling each others heads, then returned to the cabin fast. However, he mentioned nothing about the rebel with whom he had once crossed swords with and swiftly slipped to the table and pulled a chair for Alice. It seemed ludicrous to thank him, so she sighed instead and sat straight down.

    Eldrie sat opposite Alice without asking and placed the wine bottle on the table. His face clouded over the moment their gazes met straight on, likely spotting the black bandage still covering Alices right eye. That expression soon vanished, however, with Eldries nose twitching as he raised his face.

    There seems to be some aroma here, Alice-sama. On another note, I have yet to take dinner due to this trip I undertook in haste. On another note? In the first place, what would spur you to bring wine instead of rations when flying to this remote region from the central capital? I swore to the three goddesses that I will never have that dried, squirmy thing in this life. If I have to satisfy my stomach with that, I would rather starve and give my Life up Alice stood from the chair without listening to Eldries absurd excuses to the end.

    Moving to the kitchen, she served the leftover stew from the metal pot on the stove into a wooden plate and returned to the table. Eldrie stared at the bowl placed before his eyes with a mixture of delight and suspicion. Excuse my abrupt question, but could this possibly made by your hand, Alicesama? Why, yes, it is. What about it? I am merely overjoyed by this day, in which I could partake in cooking made by my master; more so than being endowed with some hidden sword stance.

    Alice asked once again towards Eldrie whose mouth moved as he chewed. And so, how did you find this place? No art could reach this far from the central capital and I hardly believe the Order could dispatch flying dragons to every area in search of me alone in its current situation.

    Eldrie gave no reply for a moment, murmuring comments such as so its not that bad, after all as he energetically moved the spoon, but eventually raised his face from the now-emptied plate, then wiped his mouth with a handkerchief he took out from one place or another before looking straight towards Alice.

    I came, following the bonds of fate linking us, Alice-sama or so I would like to say, but unfortunately, this was an utter coincidence. His right hand flashed open in a pompous gesture. Reports that the goblins and orcs were sneaking about of late came from the knights going about the mountain range at the edge.

    The caves in the north, south, and west were all destroyed under the knight commanders command, but as there was still the possibility of them stubbornly digging through, I came to confirm the issue. The caves?

    Alices knitted her eyebrows. Among the four passages passing through the mountain range at the edge, the caves in the south, the west, and the one exceeding close to Rulid Village, the north, were rather narrow, denying access to the orcs and giants who formed the bulk of the darkness forces. As such, she anticipated the enemy army would gather at the Great east Gate, but Knight Commander Bercouli had collapsed those three caves immediately upon assuming command as insurance.

    Rulid Village would flip from a peaceful remote region to the front lines where battle would first break out. And so did you confirm the movements of the darkness forces? Though I flew around the cave for an entire day, I saw not even a single goblin, let alone an orc. Eldrie lightly shrugged and continued. Perhaps they mistook a pack of beasts for military forces. Did you check inside the cave? I peeked in from the Dark Territorys side, but it was buried in rocks up to the ceiling.

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    They would probably need a large force to dig through that. Then Takiguri strangely kicked up a fuss when I pulled on the reins to return to the central capital.

    I left the flying to him and he descended straight towards here. Honestly, I am just as shocked. Its a huge coincidence no, maybe it was the guiding hand of fate after all. Having left his flowery language behind some time ago, Eldrie showed the resolute face of a knight and continued. I am obligated to report that I had come across this opportunity for an audience with you on this particular occasion. Alice-sama please return to the Order! Rather than the assistance of a thousand men, what we need now is your sword!!

    Alice slowly turned down her eye as though avoiding the knights forceful gaze. She knew. She knew the crackling of the brittle wall shielding the Human World crumbling away. And of the hardships Knight Commander Bercouli and the newly-formed Defense Army suffer as they propped it up. Alice could never repay her debt to the knight commander for his protection and guidance, and she had yet to lose her sense of unity with those in the Order of the 59 P a g e.

    That said, that was insufficient to spur her to battle. Strength is the might of ones will. Alice realized that truth through the battle at the cathedral. If willpower could allow one to overturn a devastating difference in battle potential, like Kirito back then, then it could dull the strongest sacred tool too I cannot.

    Alice softly replied. Eldries sharp voice rang out at once. Without waiting for a reply, his sight, keen like a whip, turned to the young man sitting on the chair next to the stove. Is it for that man? Is your heart still led astray, Alice-sama, by that man who broke out of the cathedrals jail and turned his treacherous blade on many knights, the chief elder, and even the Esteemed Highest Minister?

    If that is so, I shall cut off the source of your hesitation for you this very moment. Alices one eye glared at Eldrie as he put strength into his right hand holding onto the tables end.

    Stop it! Though that single line was at a suppressed volume, the knight still straightened up his upper body with a start upon hearing it. He, too, only fought for the justice he believes in.

    Otherwise, how could he defeat all of us integrity knights, who are supposed to be the strongest, and even the knight deputy commander? You should know the weight behind his sword as well, having crossed swords firsthand.

    As some Integrity Knights and ascetics believed that Kirito should be executed for turning his sword against the Axiom Church, Alice left Centoria with Kirito after helping the other knights for two weeks.

    Since Alice did not have the funds to rent an inn nor the desire to exert her authority as an Integrity Knight, she decided to travel to Rulid Village , hoping that the villagers would welcome them. However, when she met with her father, Gasupht Zuberg , she was told to leave instead.

    With the help of Garitta , Alice built a cabin two kilolu from the village for her and Kirito to live in. While there, Alice used the most powerful healing Sacred Art she was able to, but was unable to heal so much as Kirito's missing arm. Even four months after her attempted healing, Kirito's condition remained unchanged. One day, five months after the battle at the Central Cathedral, Alice took Kirito, who was now relegated to a wheelchair and unable to speak or move, up onto a hill overlooking a lake where she reminisced about the battle against Administrator and how it had taken Kirito's consciousness.

    Later that day, Alice, who was now doing simple jobs, such as cutting down trees to earn money, went to the area south of Rulid Village where the Gigas Cedar had been to help with yet another tree-cutting job. Using one swing with the Night Sky Sword , she chopped down the tree that would have taken the normal workers numerous days to fell.

    Some of the workers, curious as to how Alice was able to fell such a tree so easily, took the Blue Rose Sword from Kirito, who had knocked over his wheelchair and fallen to the ground in an attempt to retrieve it.

    Suppressing the urge to sever the hands of the men who took the sword from Kirito, Alice forced them to return it to him. After returning to the cabin, seeing her dragon Amayori to sleep, and making dinner, Alice heard Amayori's cries.

    The cries drew the attention of another dragon flying in the area who then landed in the meadow the cabin was located in. This dragon, Amayori's brother Takiguri, was flown there by Eldrie Synthesis Thirty-one , who offered her some of his wine.

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    Unimpressed by Eldrie's flattery, Alice invited him inside if he had important business with her. Inside, Alice served Eldrie some stew as he had not brought any rations with him. During the meal, Alice discovered that Eldrie was sent to the region to investigate reports of goblins and orcs sneaking in the area and had coincidentally found her during his investigation.

    Continuing the thought of fate guiding him to Alice, Eldrie requested her to return to the Order of Integrity Knights and fight alongside the Human Empire Defense Army. As Alice refused, the angered Eldrie blamed Kirito for this decision. In response, Alice rejected Eldrie's notion that Kirito was responsible for her inaction and explained that she believed herself unable to properly wield her sword.

    She questioned what was there and whether it was worth attempting to reach, considering the option of ending everything by taking Kirito's life as well as her own. Unsure of what to do, Alice began to weep. Alice spent the entirety of the following day writing letters to Selka and Garitta, apologizing and saying goodbye.

    Because Eldrie had learned of her cabin, she could no longer stay there as she feared that Bercouli, whom she could not refuse, would come in Eldrie's place to persuade her to help the Defense Army. After deciding to let Amayori choose their next destination, they went to sleep once more. Woken by Kirito's weak shaking, Alice pondered what was causing Kirito's unease, until she heard cries from Amayori. Rushing outside to find flames rising in the west, she quickly deduced that Rulid Village was under attack by the Dark Territory.

    Unsure of whether she was strong enough to fight the Dark Territory and save the villagers, Alice stood petrified until she saw Kirito attempting to reach the three swords hanging on the wall. Inspired by his action, Alice equipped her armor under an overcoat and pulled her Fragrant Olive Sword from the wall, after which, she leapt onto Amayori and headed for the village.

    Upon reaching the village, Alice was shocked to see that there were countless people who had not fled. Without hesitation, she jumped down from her dragon, landed next to Village Chief Gasupht and the wealthy farmer Nigel Balbossa and ordered them to evacuate the remaining villagers.

    Upon learning that the men were under orders from the guard chief, Alice proclaimed that she was an Integrity Knight, as she tore her overcoat to reveal her armor, in order to revoke the guard chief's order and have the villagers flee. Every time, this man had thanked her sycophantically. She clenched her teeth tightly and closed her eye. But Alice continued to think hard. Besides the Taboo Index, they invented countless laws and regulations to restrict the people, providing peace like warm water while endlessly taking away what was important.

    That was, the ability to think, and the ability to fight. In that seemingly eternal epoch, where had that amorphous power been stored?

    In just thirty-one Integrity Knights. Inhaling and exhaling deeply, Alice snapped open her eye like a breaking string. It was the opposite for Alice, whose body filled with tremendous power. A calm yet scorching blue flame.

    That was what she thought she had lost in the battle on the top floor of the Central Cathedral — the power that had allowed Kirito, Eugeo and Alice to revolt against the Highest Administrator of the Human World.

    I command you all, scatter this formation immediately; the ones with weapons, lead the way to evacuate to the southern forest.

    There is no such Sacred Task in this village! As the thick fabric was removed, her golden armor and Fragrant Olive Sword instantly reflected the raging flames, shining with blinding light. This was because, in this world, there were no humans who were able to impersonate Integrity Knights — that is, to deny the authority of the Axiom Church. The only people who could were Kirito and Alice, but even if she had escaped from the central capital to here, Alice had not give up her sword that confirmed her status as a knight.

    The noisy villagers immediately quieted down. The sounds of crossing swords on the northern defense line, and the screams of guards and goblins died down. This, is my true punishment. At the same time, it is — my true duty.

    Nee-sama would never be a criminal. The ones with weapons, lead the way to the south gate!! Once you get out of the village, run to the forest south of the polders! But that was only for a moment. Immediately, the tough farmers protecting the boundary stood up together, and hurried the women, children and elderly inside the boundary to stand as well. This was the price of being granted power.

    As Alice was committing that to memory, she pushed Selka on her back, prompting her to move beside Gasupht. Behind her, the villagers began to move as a whole. His eyes darted between the running villagers and his house that was about to be engulfed by flames. Deciding to leave him alone, Alice concentrated on the other villagers. Although she had finally gotten the villagers moving, there were about people. It would take time for everyone to leave the village, but the defense line was close to collapse, and the footsteps of the enemy were approaching from both east and west.

    We should stay here and defend! I will stop them. How can you manage such a thing?! Ignoring him again, Alice spun and looked behind her: even though the line of villagers still extended back to the square, it was now a considerable distance from her.

    The gigantic dragon descended by splitting the sky dyed red with flames, and opened its mouth wide. From the depth of its throat, bluish white light flashed— Shuba!

    A blinding beam rushed out. From the west road, the beam of heat sliced through the central square in front of the standing Alice and the sitting Barbossa, cutting into the east road. In a split second.

    Astonishing flames exploded in a straight line, releasing into the night sky. The goblins consumed by it were thrown into the air, shrieking. The dragon fire that instantly annihilated at least twenty invaders evaporated the water in the fountain at the center of the square; white steam permeated the surroundings.

    Alice signaled for the passing Amayori to standby again, and checked behind her. Nygr Barbossa lay on the stone stab as though he was paralyzed; his eyes were about to burst out of their sockets. Showing up were the men of Rulid guards in leather-armor. The early retreat proved to be a correct decision, as the guards who numbered roughly ten had suffered wounds, but there seemed to be no heavy injuries. Did I not tell them to stay here and defend?! Jink blinked as though he just noticed her and looked her up and down several times.

    Why are you…? Are all of the guards here? Is there anyone you left behind? And yes, please take Barbossa-san with you as well. Where did the white Iums go—! Alice stared at the demihumans and gripped her sword handle with her right hand.

    The dragon could not repeatedly breathe fire. Until Amayori could gather enough Thermal Elements again, Alice would have to face the main enemy force on her own. An Ium woman!! Kill and eat it!! So strong that existing can be considered a sin. Although the heavy impact traveled down her arm, there were no fractures of skin nor bone. She effortlessly gripped the blunt blade with her fingers and crushed it as though it were thin ice. Glowing in golden yellow, the sword generated a wind that twisted the three goblins near it into its path and blew away the surrounding mist.

    Without even knowing what happened, four of the round yellow-eyed enemy soldiers were separated at the middle and landed on the ground. Alice stepped back to avoid the spray of blood and said to herself in her heart: — Highest Minister Administrator.

    You had been wrong after all. You wanted to use such a method to control the power that was supposed to be distributed to everyone of the Human World. But power that is too unbalanced will corrupt and disturb the one using it and the ones around them. Even someone as yourself was consumed by overwhelming power and became something inhuman… With the Highest Administrator dead today, it was no longer possible to rectify that mistake.

    Even so, she at least needed to use every last bit of this power for the people. Not as an Integrity Knight of the Axiom Church but a swordswoman who thought according to her own will and fought according to her own determination.

    As the two brave swordsmen had before.

    Maintaining her position to swing the sword all the way, Alice opened her left eye with determination. At the same time, the temporary defensive line that was constructed north of the square was completely destroyed.

    The wide road was full of the main enemy force. Goblins that numbered more than fifty, and orcs that were numbered less but were covered in metal armor and clutching huge tridents.

    Seeing their yellow eyes that gave off bright and cold light, their screaming bodies that reeked of hatred and desire, the guards behind Jink and Nigel Barbossa let out moans of despair. If they were surrounded by such a tremendous number and attacked with spears from all directions, even a knight would not walk away with minor scratches.

    What gave Alice her power was but a new realization. I will fight to protect my sister, to protect my parents, and to protect this world that Kirito and Eugeo wanted to protect. Alice clearly felt the self-doubt and powerlessness deep within her heart slowly evaporate in white light. That white light spread all around her body, all converging at her right eye that was covered with a black bandage, generating intense heat.

    But that was a pain she seemed to have felt before and made her feel slightly sad. Alice grasped the bandage tied to her head and tore it off. She slowly opened the eye that had been closed for nearly half a year from that day. Red light radially flooded her black vision and became a flickering flame. It created a double image with her left eye that captured the scene of endless burning homes, which dislocated and slowly disappeared— finally combining together.

    Alice looked with both eyes at the black fabric in her left hand. This eyepatch that had been repeatedly washed and was slowly losing color was something Kirito had made by tearing a strip off of his own clothes. This piece of cloth that had protected the right eye that had been blown away along with the seal for several months, had reached the end of its Life; it began to slowly disappear from end to end as though it were melting in the air.

    Gazing at that ethereal yet beautiful sight, Alice realized it. In this half year, she had originally planned to protect and take care of Kirito, who had lost his right arm and spirit. But the one protected was herself. I believe, from today on there will be all kind of confusion, frustration, and mistakes… but I will forge ahead.

    For you and for what I desire. Her two eyes fixed ahead of her saw nearly a hundred Goblins and Orcs, screaming and shrieking as one, swarming into the square. Alice, who had to confront the enemy alone, felt not the slightest bit of fear in her heart. As long as I am here, the blood and massacre that you desire will not be realized!! Now return through the cave from whence you came! Immediately after, the tall orc in the middle of the formation who seemed to be the generals, swung its axe and let out a savage roar.

    Even though it had not generated enough Thermal Elements to breathe out, but the mere sight of a flying dragon and a thunderous roar enough to scare the demihumans flew menacingly over their heads.

    The troops, frightened by this, wavered even more than before. With a clear metallic sound, the golden blade split into countless small blades, dancing in the night sky as they reflected the fire. The first one to be engulfed in a mist of blood was the self-proclaimed Orc general. His entire body was permeated by several bursts of flowers, wasting his entire Life away in an instant; he fell back onto the ground with a trembling crash.

    The surrounding Orcs screamed endlessly and keeled over. With another name of , it could split into hundreds of flower petals through the Armament Full Control Art, with each petal having enough power to go against a famous sword forged by a blacksmith. It was certainly not stoppable by crude cast-iron armor. The main invading force that had lost its general in an instant was significantly less enthusiastic. The advancing vanguard slowed immediately and stopped within 10 Mel of the entrance to the square.

    As the goblins at the very front were confused and unable to decide between desire and fear, Alice fiercely swung the sword hilt in her right hand. Hundreds of flower petals flew into the air softly and formed a finely patterned wall between Alice and the enemy.

    Choose— will you march forward and surrender under a sea of blood, or will you turn around and run back to the Land of Darkness! Alice put her hand to her forehead, watching the faraway wheat fields, besides which rose Rulid Village.

    A week had passed since the attack by the Forces of Darkness. Extending from the northern homes, almost one fifth of the village had burnt down, but the village chief decided for everyone to temporarily pause their Sacred Tasks and change to manual labor, so reconstruction was proceeding very quickly. Unfortunately, twenty one villagers had lost their lives because they were too slow during evacuation; a funeral had been held at the Church three days ago.

    After Alice was invited to a ceremony, she immediately rode her dragon towards the Cave of the North to confirm. Within its depths, at the part nearest to the Dark Territory, Alice found evidence that there had been a long-term camp there.

    The invaders could not have cleared the cave in one night. Apparently troops had been sent from the Dark Territory and then their pathway exploded behind them. When Integrity Knight Eldrie was checking that entrance, there were already goblins that had infiltrated the cave and began to clear the path. Before, neither goblins nor orcs would have scheme such a plan so thoroughly. Just from this incident it could be determined that this time, the invasion from the Dark Side was not just a scouting mission like before.

    Once Alice left the cave, she did not immediately collapse the cave, but temporarily blocked the stream flowing out of the center of what used to be the White Dragon Nest, flooding the entire cave.

    Lastly, she released numerous Cryogenic Elements that she had set up, and used ice instead of rock to seal the cave. This way, if neither Alice nor a Thermal Element user of the same caliber could melt the ice, there would be no way anyone could pass through that cave again. I always felt that he had been preoccupied since this morning.

    Father is… really happy that nee-sama has returned. I think, then, I can definitely say it. That day will definitely come. She raised her head and firmly wiped away her tears with the sleeve of her monastic robes. She had considering leaving Kirito at the village with Selka. But Alice still decided to take him with her. On the night of the attack one week ago, Kirito had definitely wanted to take up his sword and enter the village.

    It was his nature to fight for others. Then, the only thing that could bring back his heart was probably the battle to protect the Human World. If there is a change, even if she had to tie him to her back, she would protect him to the death. Alice tightly hugged Selka for the last time. Be careful… Definitely come back, Nee-sama. Nodding deeply to her sister on the ground, she turned her eyes towards the faraway blue sky. Gently casting away the rope, the dragon ran with tremendous force in the wheat field, oblivious to the weight of the two people and three swords on its back.

    There will definitely be a day when she would return to this village.


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