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    Engleska Gramatika Za Svakoga-A5 - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd .. imena naroda u mnoini: the English (Englezi); - ispred imena posle kojih dolazi "of": we signed the treaty of. tingmisscomptarmi.cf - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Engleska Gramatika Za Svakoga-A5. Uploaded .

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    Engleska Gramatika Pdf

    Engleski u lekcija besplatno engleski u lekcija pdf engleska gramatika za pocetnike gramatika engleskog jezika za pocetnike engleski. ideas about Simple Present Tense. Present simple - Engleski jezik - Gramatika tingmisscomptarmi.cf upload marketing tingmisscomptarmi.cf Fes. More information. Engleska gramatika:: Učenje engleskog jezika online. tingmisscomptarmi.cf upload marketing tingmisscomptarmi.cf tingmisscomptarmi.cf upload marketing.

    Drown is a verb which means to die of suffocation by being underwater too long: For example, there could be a directive for all personnel to gramahika blue jeans on Friday so this would be plural to mean people. Indirektni govor — Engleski jezik — Gramatika Perpetrate means to carry out or commit as in a harmful, illegal or immoral action. Many people use these terms interchangeably, but they carry two different meanings. May is used for the possibility: Engleska gramatika — sve na jednom mjestu. You can see that the endings of the words are different and, too, they are pronounced differently: Political persecution was one of the reasons for offering asylum to Assange. Mislead is the present tense while misled is the past tense. Gramatika engleskog jezika — English grammar.

    She stay with her sister until she finds a place. She is good at languages. Find and correct the mistakes in these sentences 1. We had a problem with our car soon. The performance start at 9. Does he and his brother attend this course?

    When I arrived home I had noticed that somebody left a message for me. I shall watching my favorite series at 10 oclock tonight. His bike broke so we must take a taxi now. He cant write because he broke his arm. Whenever he is meeting me he turn his head away. She is speaking two languages. They will picked all the apples by next week. She had learnt the poem by heart after she got a bad mark. Who know the solution to this problem? They studied all day yesterday.

    On Sundays he usually visit his relatives. As it was get dark, we decided to go home. Complete these sentences using the appropriate tenses 1. She was out of breadth. That bag looks heavy. The Chinese invent printing.

    The house was very quiet when I got home. The man sitting next to me on the plane was very nervous. The River Nile. They meet in the same caf every morning. Tim is still watching TV. Tom burn his hand while he.. Was she at the party yesterday?

    Yes, she. We arrived at work and found that somebody. We couldnt afford to keep our car, so we. We havent got any milk. We usually grow vegetables in our garden but this year we.. We were late because our car break down on the way. What your mother.. Shes an architect but she not work at the moment.

    When I was young I want to be a bus driver. When she arrive to the party, John..


    Where have you been? I look for you in the last half an hour. Would you like something to eat? No, thanks. I have just lunch. You always.. Yes, I.. No, you can turn it off. Yes, occasionally. Your eyes are red. What you.. Solutions III. Past Simple George came home from work. Present Simple negative I don't download a new book every week. Present Perfect Continuous He's been collecting since Past Continuous My friend was singing when I came into the room. Present Simple I always listen to the radio.

    Present Perfect When have they moved to London? Past Simple I didn't know that the conference was in Edinburgh. Past Perfect negative Peter hadn't called the day before yesterday. Present Continuous She isn't coming with us. Past Perfect Continuous They had been working all night long. I, Past Continuous I wasn't feeling well after the business lunch with the new manager. He has been standing. This emphasizes the length of time spent waiting. Yesterday I phoned.

    The use of yesterday means that we have a finished event 2 events in this case in the past. I am working. We use the present continuous as at the moment limits the time to the present. I am going to a conference next weekend. Maybe we will have an opportunity to discuss the new products with some clients.

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    She speaks three languages and currently she is working as an interpreter in the European Parliament. I arrived here in September 2. I have lived in Edinburgh not I have been living as it is not a temporary event 3. Kim has been reading 4. Havent you finished reading that book yet? Stephen Hawkins has had many new theories about time and space. I was writing my article while Peter was working on the computer.

    My train leaves at from Waterloo Station. I am trying to study for my exam. Two boys are waiting in front of a telephone box. Inside the box a lady is dialing a number. Do you know the lady? Yes, I do- replies John. She speaks three languages.

    I wonder who she is talking to now- says Tim. Thomas is opening his letters, Mrs. Thomas is looking through the papers. The kids are playing computer games upstairs. I never get any mail, all I ever receive is bills! Do you have anything interesting? Yes, I attend secondary school.

    In our country children start school at the age of six and stay for about five years in a primary school. Then they move to a secondary school. At the age of 18 they take an exam. If they don't do well in this exam, they cant go to a university. I am feeling all right, but usually I feel dreadful when the wind blows. Shakespeare wrote beautiful sonnets, have you read any of them? Yes, I read a few when I was in school. Then I wanted to download a collection of his sonnets. The truth is that I have never had enough money to spend on such an expensive book.

    I haven't seen my parents since I came to study to London. I wrote letters in the beginning and phoned a few times but I have not seen my home town since The movie has just begun on TV. I saw it in the cinema yesterday. Did you like it? Yes, it was OK. I hear that your representative made a very good speech last night.

    How long has he been your representative? We have only had him since January. His predecessor left suddenly because of ill-health. I 've just heard that Tom is in America. Oh, you didn't know? He flew out at the beginning of the month. Have you heard from him? Yes, I got an email from him last week but he didn't write anything about his work and didn't say whether he liked the life there or not. He has only been there three weeks. When I went to London last June for a job interview with an advertising company, I hadn't been in that city since I had graduated three years before.

    I arrived a few days before the interview so visited many places where I had spent a lot time as a student. My favorite pub still looked the same: students were drinking cheap beer and the windows probably hadn't been opened since Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister.

    The job interview was a disaster: I arrived too late because on that day the workers of the London Underground had organize a strike. All tube lines lay still. I tried to find a taxi but all the taxis had been already full.

    In the end it took me more than an hour to make the minute journey from my hotel to the company. The manager I talked to was rather unfriendly. While he told me what my tasks at the company would be I remembered that I had heard his unpleasant voice before.

    I had spoken to him on the telephone once, he was a business partner of my current boss. After the interview I went to the nearest pub for a drink. I realized that my present job wasn't so bad after all, and that I had made a mistake to start looking for another job. All I really needed was a raise.

    He bought some flowers; he is going to attend a wedding this Saturday. He will be twenty years old next week. You are going to be sick. I will call him now and apologize. No, but I'll run to the shop and download you some. She is going to have ten people for dinner. It will be twelve oclock in ten minutes.

    Where are you going to spend your holidays? Yes, I will go and get some wood. I'm going to learn to type. No, I will send my son to get them. I see that you have a computer.

    Are you going to do some work on it? I'll call my son and he will translate it for you. She ordered a lot of paint because she is going to paint her flat. I won't lend you my car because it is against the law. Because she is going to take pictures. I'll make you some tea. I cant solve this problem; I have been thinking about it all morning. They have been playing the violin since seven 0clock this morning.

    I have been using this one for the past 12 years. They had been sleeping for 10 hours before the bell woke them up. The children have been running all morning, thats why they are hungry. She has been crying. I've been calling this number all morning and I cant get through.

    The two players had been playing for a good half an hour before it started to rain. They had been drinking for 10 years. He has been playing in many films. She has gone out.

    Ann was sitting in the armchair watching TV. She was tired because she had been working all day. We had been waiting for 30 minutes! I am learning. My uncle is teaching me. I've posted it already. Einstein was a scientist who developed the theory of relativity.

    He is learning some programs. My father taught me. How fast were you driving when the accident happened? How long you have you been learning English? How many plays did Shakespeare write? It is improving slowly. Everybody's waiting for you. When I last saw him, he was trying to find a job. What are you going to do with it? Look, he I guess she How many languages.. No, I In most countries children.. In America compulsory education Whothis car. My father, but I I know but I How often. Yes, and she No, I only know that iron He show them the sights.

    Today scientists When I opened the door I saw a man on his knees. He clearly was listening to our conversation and I was wondering how much he had heard.

    When I asked him what he was doing, he told me that he had dropped a 50 p piece outside the door and was looking for it. I didn't see any sign of the money, but I found a small notebook and pencil which he probably had dropped when the door opened suddenly.

    So he had taken notes of our conversation! The notes were in a foreign language, so I turned to the stranger and asked him to translate. But he pulled my hat over my eyes and ran off down the corridor. By the time I had recovered from the shock he had disappeared round the corner. Curiously enough, when I moved my foot I found that I was standing on a 50 p piece. Perhaps he was telling me the truth after all! When the old lady returned to her flat she saw that burglars had broken in during her absence, because the front door was open and everything in the flat was upside down.

    The burglars themselves were no longer there, but they probably had only just left because a cigarette was burning on an ornamental table.

    She was wondering if the thieves had found her jewelry and rather hoped that they hadn't. The jewelry was given by her late husband, who had died some years before III. I knew she was busy, so I didn't disturb her. I was walking along the street when I heard footsteps behind me. Somebody was running to catch the bus. I was walking along the road when I saw Jim. I stopped and we had a chat. I saw you in town yesterday.

    You were sitting on a bench. I saw Tom yesterday but I have not seen him today. Shall I open the door? It was warm, so I took off my coat. I'm going to close the windows. Its the first time he has driven a car. You ask: What are you going to wear? He has gone to Italy. He had been smoking for 20 years.

    It's not raining. It is going to be nice weather today. Mozart wrote more than 60 pieces of music. He was only 35 when he died. I've been repairing the car. Ron hasn't been working very hard this term. She's looking for a place to live. She is staying with her sister until she finds a place. She speaks four languages very well. We are going to have a problem with our car soon.

    The performance starts at 9. Do he and his brother attend this course? When I arrived home I noticed that somebody had left a message for me. I shall be watching my favorite series at 10 oclock tonight.

    His bike was broken so we had to take a taxi.

    He cant write because he had broke his arm. Whenever he meets me he turns his head away. She speaks two languages. They will have picked all the apples by next week. She learnt the poem by heart after she had got a bad mark. Who knows the solution to this problem? They was studying all day yesterday.

    On Sundays he usually visits his relatives. As it was getting dark, we decided to go home. She had been running. I'll help you carry it. The Chinese invented printing. Everybody had gone to bed. He hadn't flown before. The River Nile flows into the Mediterranean. They had been playing tennis for half an hour when it started to rain.

    They have been going there for years. He has been watching films all day. Tom burnt his hand while he was cooking dinner. Yes, she wore a really nice dress. We arrived at work and found that somebody had broken into the office during the night.

    We couldnt afford to keep our car, so we sold it. I'll run to the shop and download some.

    We usually grow vegetables in our garden but this year we haven't grown any. We were late because our car had broken down on the way. What does your mother do? Shes an architect but she isn't working at the moment.

    When I was young I wanted to be a bus driver. When she arrived to the party, John had already gone home. I've been looking for you in the last half an hour. I've just had lunch. Have you read any of Shakespeares plays? Have you always lived here? Yes, I've lived here all my life. Are you listening to the radio? Have you had any holidays this year? Do you listen to the radio? What have you done? The Use In English the tense of the verb in the sub-clause commonly depends on that of the verb in the main clause.

    This adjustment of the tense of the sub-clause to the tense of the main clause is called the sequence of tenses. The rules of the sequence of tenses are the following: When the verb in the main clause is in the present, present continuous, present perfect or future tense, the verb in the sub-clause will not change.

    He says that he works in a bank. She asks me where he found a job. Rewrite the following sentences according to the Sequences of Tenses 1. Microsoft announced that they will launch their new program the following week. The boss asked his employee if he found the financial files from last year. The employee answered that is sorry, and that he has never lost a file before.

    I was sure that Tom is going to invite us to come to the meeting. The new secretary asked her colleage how the photocopier works 6. I went home because I am not feeling very well. All first year students wanted to know how many exams they will have. The computer system crashed after someone tried to enter it illegally. The scientists hoped that the experiment they were working on during the past few months will be successful.

    The accountants found that the profits are higher than forecast. Use the verbs in the middle column in appropriate tenses. Read and translate the following text paying special attention to the rules of the sequence of tenses: One day in February, Jack and Ann went for a drive. She asked if he had hired the car, but he said he had borrowed it from Dave. The car seemed rather difficult to steer.


    Jack was holding the steering wheel very tight. He asked Ann if she was frightened, and she said she wasnt. She pretended she wasnt scared. She remarked that the weather was still cold, and said she thought there was snow in the air.

    They spent the day looking at buildings in Oxford. Darkness had fallen before they left. On the way home the car went more and more slowly, and at last it stopped.

    Ann asked what the matter was, and Jack said he didnt know. She asked him if he had filled the tank with petrol. He said he had. She asked what he was going to do, and suggested he could get out and have a look at the engine.

    He said he would, and added 26 that he hoped he could get it going. If not, they would have to walk to the railway station, five miles away. Translate these sentences pay special attention to the use of tenses in the subordinate clause 1. Videli smo da je plakala. Lttuk, hogy srt. Znamo da on uvek kasni. Tudjuk, hogy mindig ksik. Rekao je da nee doi jer je imao teak dan i jako je umoran.

    Azt mondta, hogy nem fog eljnni, mert nehz napja volt s fradt. Hoe da zna kada ima ispit iz matematike. Meg akarja tudni mikor van vizsgja matematikbl. Nismo znali da je pao na ispitu. Nem tudtuk, hogy megbukott a vizsgn. Znala sam da nisu kui jer svetla nisu gorela u dnevnoj sobi.

    Tudtam, hogy nincsenek otthon, mert nem gett a villany a nappaliban.

    Nismo znali da je ova re dvosmislena. Nem tudtuk, hogy ez a sz ktrtelm. Rekao mi je da nije dobro spavao jer buka sa ulice bila previe velika.

    Azt mondta, hogy nem aludt jl, mert tl nagy volt az utcai zaj. Pitao me je kako mi se svidja ta knjiga. Megkrdezte tlem, hogy tetszik az a knyv. Correct these sentences if necessary He knew that Debbie is having problems with her old car. The doctor told me that he examines the patient. I wonder what would happened next. He asked me what I had doing. I noticed that they are doing something wrong.

    He told me he had been very frightened the other day. He wondered what on earth had make the car stop. We have asked the delegation if they had ever seen such a demonstration. I didnt know you already received the letter. He says he doesnt like New York. Complete these sentences 1. He informed us we.. He asked me how long I Dave wanted to know where the boys Waris had such a warm and attractive face that her modelling career was a huge success. I had my simple life. One day. After they married.

    When the ambassador returned to Somalia. She looked like a perfect model so he immediately offered her work. I had nothing to worry about. The Living Daylights. I had my family. She was even in a James Bond film. Life was hard but Waris had a happy childhood.

    Her mother was quite well-off but her father was from a poor family. She lived by herself. I had my animals. Desert Flower. Waris was on her own and out of work in a foreign country. There is never a dull moment. By chance. Where was she born? Why did she leave her country? What was her childhood like? Find the opposites of the given adjectives in the box and write them on the lines provided.

    Write adjectives from the nouns provided nouns adjectives importance important 1 luck 2 fame 3 danger 4 happiness It's great. Complete the sentences with the correct words from the box washing machine shampoo freezer vacuum cleaner dishwasher I can't wash my hair.

    Make opposite adjectives using un-. Underline the correct verb 1 I waved to my friend. We're going on holiday tomorrow. There's nothing to watch on TV.

    I want to send an e-mail. Replace the underlined expressions with the words from the box daydreaming bound look mate stammered He's definitely going to tell Peter.

    He's bound to tell Peter. Complete the lines with words from the box school bank airport farm shop you can download things here. Read and underline the correct words Don't go there. Match the verbs to the nouns and phrases make a game 1 organize a party 2 play newspapers 3 send out tea 4 deliver invitations Match the verbs to the nouns and phrases 1.

    A record producer. Complete the sentences with the correct words from the box traditional imagine rebuild unforgettable degrees 1. Complete the text with the correct words from the box form voice years applied music My name's Walker McKinley. Ted Riley. I've always wanted to be a professional singer.

    Complete the text with: Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. Use Present Simple. Present Continuous or Present Perfect. Use Past Simple or Past Continuous. One day last April. Choose and circle the correct verbs. Use the verbs in brackets to complete the sentences with correct forms of the Past Perfect. Circle the correct forms of the verbs.

    Correct the underlined mistakes. Will or Going to?

    Complete the dialogue with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets. Write only the part that needs to be corrected. Use the verbs in brackets to complete the sentences with correct forms of the Past Simpleor the Past Continuous. Complete the text with correct forms of the verbs in Past Simple or Past Continuous. Complete the sentences with for or since. Read and circle the correct answers 1. Use the verbs in brackets to complete the sentences with correct forms of the Present Perfect.

    Use Past Simple or Present Perfect. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets to make third conditional. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense to make second conditional. Complete the sentences with have or has. You need to circle two words in each sentence. Present Simple Passive Every year our school does a play. Complete the reported statements and questions. Choose the correct words to make reported orders. Complete the reported sentences.

    Rewrite the sentences in the passive. Omit the words in brackets. Start with the underlined words. Choose and circle the correct modal verb. There's a car coming. Complete the sentences. Complete the sentences with had to. Add question tags to the statements. Complete the sentences with relative pronouns: Use expressions to make relative clauses with THAT. Complete the sentences with who or which. You must be the happiest happy person in the world.

    I spend hours and hours shooting. Complete the interview with a top model by putting the adjectives in brackets in the correct form comparative or superlative. Make adjectives from these words: Once I was so exhausted that I collapsed and was taken to hospital. It can be very tiring. Complete the sentences with nouns made from the adjectives in brackets. Mum says that I'll get used to the new school a quick.

    He is a very impatient person. Sue Maybe too strict. I like them all. Her is taller than you. Choose and circle the correct pronoun. Your is black. Read and circle the correct words. Choose the correct words and complete the sentences. Dear Sally. I'm doing quite b good. Choose the correct pronoun. The teachers are OK. Complete the sentences with in. The sports teacher has told John to lose some weight. The bank will be on the left.

    Complete the text with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets -ing form or infinitive. Excuse me. Complete the dialogue with a or the. Write in. Complete the sentences with before. Read the sentences. Choose the correct alternative. Circle the correct words. Circle the correct form. Bedivere was his knight. Arthur was the King of Britons. Waris now lives in New York.

    The man was True 4. Within months. True 3. True 1. No information 2. She used to race camels with her brothers and sisters. The bank in our The car is going to Machu Picchu Our room had been street has been be repaired before was built by the cleaned before we arrived robbed the weekend Incas in the 15th at the hotel century They did the job very well.

    The year-old twins. When the ship was searched the next day. The story began in the port of Nelson in New Zealand where the girls lived. This time. Several of the sailors knew about the girls and brought them food and clothes. Sarah and Joanne Ingham. Joanne and Mohammed spent 24 hours in the Coral Sea with sharks and poisonous jellyfish before they landed at the mouth of a river in northern Queensland. Weak and hungry.

    They are not looking forward to going home! The girls will be flown back to New Zealand tomorrow. They found fresh water in the rivers and they ate shellfish and berries. Somehow they survived. There they met a Malaysian sailor. In that time. They stole some food and clothes from a local shop and disappeared into the jungle.


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