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    Quotes from readers' letters regarding the Mark of the Lion trilogy “Before my ex- husband died he specifically a As Serious as the Grave. As Serious as the. A S S U R E A S T H E D A W N. FRANCINE RIVERS T Y N D A L E H O U S E P U B L I S H E R S, I N C., Wheaton, Illinois Visit Tyndale's exciting Web site at. the intent of either the author or the publisher. Library of Congress Cataloging-in- Publication Data. Rivers, Francine, date. As sure as the dawn / Francine Rivers.

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    As Sure As The Dawn Pdf

    As sure as the dawn. byRivers, Francine, Publication date DAISY download. For print-disabled users. Borrow this book to access EPUB and PDF files. who helped to make the Color Atlas of Anatomy a success. We are particularly of tissues and organs in the human, then. This books (As Sure as the Dawn (Mark of the Lion) [DOWNLOAD]) Made by Francine Rivers About Books This classic series has inspired.

    Feb 21, Jackie rated it it was amazing While I adore the 2nd book of the series, I think this was my favorite. Atretes is frustrating and intense, and while I wanted very much to come through the pages of the book and strangle him, I loved reading his journey. I think his struggle with anger and what was done to him is so similar to many people today, that stubborn pride that just won't let you loose to experience God even when He makes himself obvious. And then there's Rizpah, my favorite character in the entire series. I can relate While I adore the 2nd book of the series, I think this was my favorite. I can relate to her so much, especially with the why-did-I-say-that aspect. Her journey with Atretes, Theophilus I love that Rivers pulls a real life person into the story and her baby Caleb is beautiful reading about her son growing up through all of this was very gut-wrenching at times and at others brought a smile to my face. One of the things that I really appreciate about this book is the miracles.

    Jesus wasn't born in the exhalted halls of kings, but in a stable. You know who the enemy is. Satan is a powerful adversary who know you almost as intimately as the Lord does. He attacks through the mind and flesh, trying to seperate you from Christ. Who am I to fight Satan? THe Lord is with you and goes before you into battle.

    You only have to stand firm in your faith. This was a good reminder that if I'm willing and in tune with God's word- he'll take it and use it to his glory. If I just plant the seed- He'll provide the rain and the sunshine! Then it was a scary reminder that Satan knows us and knows just what to do to pull us down- we have to be on constant gaurd! Finally I liked the part about us not having to fight satan!

    We just have to stand firm in our faith, and God will take care of him! The next great section is talking about Gods great gift of salvation- and they have the thought that Salvation is a gift not something we can earn or appreciate fully. He suffered and died for me. And what do I do?

    More often then not, I take my salvation for granted. I fill my mind with unimportant things. Oh, that God would put it in my head and hear what he has done for me every morning as I awaken. That is my prayer as well- I'm going to start asking for that to be the first thought in my head in the morning each morning. What a blessing that would be to have my first thought of the day be about my Saviour!

    Mar 11, Shantelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: As Sure as the Dawn told another powerful story; another tale of a life completely turned around.

    This time, we focus on Atretes, the fierce and feared gladiator. Two hot-tempered individuals. They share the love of the little baby, Caleb. And in the end, they long to serve God, but will their human desires and drives ruin their attempt? Will everything crash and be demolished under the force of evil, or is God yet in control?

    Powerful as always. This is no fluffy make-belief. This is a tale that makes your heart pound and goosebumps rise on your skin. Your heart sing in joyousness, or your soul cry out in terror. Atretes had a fierce and vile anger and bitterness. It took us to a different place and setting, in Germania; we met a lot of new people.

    Atretes was really the only character from the first books that was in As Sure as the Dawn. Yet it still carried the same awesome message. Aug 09, Chy rated it it was ok. Straight up, with less nakedness and with the word "Jesus" muttered as something other than a curse or expression of sexual fulfillment. As if the people of the "projected" audience don't freakin' know.

    As Sure as the Dawn

    And as if anybody who appreciates good writing wants to see pages of info-dump via dialogue. But, the actual ire I experienced was directed at the characters and managed to, at times, distract me from the frustration I had with the writer behind it all, that I bumped this up from 1.

    Good thing, too, since we don't have half-stars around here. Apr 20, Beth rated it really liked it. This book captured my attention much more than what I had expected.

    As Sure as the Dawn

    In my mind I questioned some of the supernatural things that were attributed to the Lord, and then I wondered why He wouldn't show His power in the face of darkness. We have been amazed at what God is doing in these days to This book captured my attention much more than what I had expected. We have been amazed at what God is doing in these days to open people's eyes to the truth instead of being overcome by the enemy, especially in the Middle East.

    Jun 25, Sarah rated it did not like it.

    Okay, I know these are Christian books, but I read them because they came highly recommended. The first two had good stories, good enough to overcome the preaching. The third basically drudged up some leftover characters from the first two books and had them quote the entire Bible to eachother. Oh, plus there were some pretty outrageous "heavenly miracles" in this book, while the other two managed to tell a good story without depending on acts of God for the storyline to progress.

    Dec 31, Kelly rated it it was amazing. As Sure as the Dawn by Francine Rivers is the third book in an amazing series. Atretes a german warrior also revered gladiator is free. He won his freedom through fighting, but now his life is going to change forever. I recommend this book to young adults. This book almost felt like a stand alone.

    The characters are not related to the previous two books. Even though I missed the characters in the previous books I felt like I related to the characters in this book the most. Well more to the subject As Sure as the Dawn by Francine Rivers is the third book in an amazing series. Well more to the subject of being called to share the love of Christ with people who are not ready to hear it so you love them until they are ready to hear it no matter the cost.

    I am sad that this series is over but I am looking forward to reading more of Francine Rivers books she officially has me hooked. One of my favorite quotes from this book was: This author feels her purpose is share Christ through story formats. So it is probably going to get religious at times. This author has an amazing gift so I suggest you try to look past that stuff and focus on the story.

    God may change your heart by the end. I want more books like this series. Atretes is a very challenging character and there are many times I just wanted to jump through the book and knock some sense into him. This book had very real characters that you could relate to.

    In certain countries it is hard to be a christian. It is not an easy walk or decision to make and I love how her books reflect that. Jesus always said it is hardest to share changes in your life with your family because they knew you before and I think this book is a great example of that. I read this book last year and am now just getting around to writing the review and let me tell you I still cannot forget it.

    I rate this book a 4 out of 4 stars. Apr 29, Kristine rated it really liked it Shelves: Frustrating all the way around how this whole scene happened. To me, it overshadowed the ending. I found it hard to forgive Atretes so quickly My goodness, he left her for weeks on end without her baby and food!

    All because she was trying to keep HIM from sinning. Didn't like th 3. Wished Rivers didn't keep writing 'things like this' in this trilogy. The only book, of the three, that didn't frustrate me was book 2. It's frustrating enough to make me hesitant to recommend series even though I couldn't put these books down.

    The storyline just got frustrating Oh well. I had hoped this book would have weaved in tidbits of Hadassah and Marcus' story.

    For example, when Atretes went back to Rome for him to discover that Hadassah didn't die. Maybe Atretes ending up using one of Marcus' ships to sail since Marcus found God. Also, weaving in Julia's death and Atretes making peace with that for Caleb's sake would have been nice.

    On a side note, this book gives a nice synopsis of the Old Testament. That's not an easy task but Rivers does it successfully. It's a good overview of the people, places, and why behind things.

    Overall, I liked the series but the 'things like this' see above, lol kept me from loving it. There were lots of life lessons in this series that I appreciated and copied in my notes. I also like that these books made me think Can I move on quickly when wronged? Would I help someone who tried to kill me? For that, I'm grateful. Thank you Ms. Rivers for that!

    View all 6 comments. Jun 04, Rachel M. In the prologue the book starts right off how the first book finishes, with Atretes talking to Hadassah in the dungeons of Ephesus.

    However, after the prologue, Hadassah is not in the book. The main Characters are Atretes, Rizpah, and Theophilus. Atretes, finds his son and wishes to leave Ephesus and Rome, which reminds him so much of his past and finally returns to his home in Germania.

    Rizpah takes care of Atretes' son throughout the whole book and greatly depends on God for strength to deal with Atretes' bitterness and anger. Theophilus, a roman, guides Atretes back to his home in Germania and saves his life multiple times when Atretes' pride got in the way. I personally, love the whole Mark of the Lion Series. I am not much of a reader but the Voice of the Wind captured my interest immensely and the other books kept my attention all the way through.

    By the time I got to the end of the book, As Sure as the Dawn, I did not want to finish it because then the series would be over. These are my favorite books that I have ever read. They are full of adventure, action, romance, and best of all they were written by a Christian author, Francine Rivers.

    Scripture from the Bible is filled throughout these books. Characters learn how to truly live for God and what that looks like on a regular basis or even when hard trials come into their life. It shows the readers that only everlasting peace comes from God. All of our desires should be laid aside to be a Christ-follower, even to the point of death. These books have taught me a lot about God, which was Francine Rivers' goal of writing these books; "to whet our appetite for God's Word and His ways-to apply His principles to our lives.

    Jan 27, Kelly Kauffman rated it really liked it. The Mark of the Lion Trilogy are some of my favorite books. They were excellent, and dare I go as far as to say they were even life-changing?

    I realize these books are fiction, however, I believe that they must be somewhat representative of what life may have been like centuries ago, shortly after the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Realizing what the early Christians risked to follow Him shows how strong their faith was And, the parallels between ancient Rome as described in this book, and modern day America are striking. I gave this book, the third in the trilogy, 4 stars while I gave the first two books the full five stars.

    This book was also great and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, however I knocked it down a star because I felt like there were a few parts that were just "too much" for me in terms of believability.

    I think that everyone should take the time and it won't take much because you won't want to put these down to read all three of these books.

    They are sure to be classics in Christian literature. Oct 28, Mary Findley rated it liked it. I read all three of these books as recommended by my daughter. She writes well. I appreciated her Christian emphasis and attention to historical detail but, like so many modern writers and filmmakers, so much of the book is devoted to the bad behavior of the unconverted or the slow, stumbling process of the newly converted.

    There is also a great deal of mysticism passing for true spiritual growth and closeness to God. I found little spiritual depth here. They are also so female-dominated that sh I read all three of these books as recommended by my daughter.

    As sure as the dawn

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